It’s a fact that a happy workplace with an aligned purpose and message
motivates employees to perform at higher levels and stay with a company longer.

Are you looking to upgrade your company culture?

Our services can help you achieve a more significant employee impact,
improve retention, and create a culture of happiness and cohesiveness.

Culture Audit

We spend time with the primary stakeholders to understand the key drivers in the business. What is the passion behind your business?

Modular Maven will help you identify and assesspotential cultural risks impacting your most valuable resources.

We begin with a complete discovery and assessment of your goals and your current culture.

After a thorough on-site discovery and assessment, we will report the findings and provide stakeholders recommendations to optimize your people resources, manage costs, and improve retention.

Brand / Culture Alignment

Your brand expresses who you are to customers and your people. Your culture is at the heart of who you are. But often, a company culture hasn’t been clearly defined or needs revisiting with buy-in from the team.

You will:
-Participate in guiding your team by identifying your mission and values
-Get it all down on paper as the guiding messages you’ll strive to live by
-Look at other ways these elements of your company story can be expressed

So that you can:
-Find consistencies between your culture and your brand
-Develop ways to communicate your culture and brand cohesively
-Unite and motivate your people behind all these communications

Recruiting & Hiring

Become a recognized top-tier employer within your community and industry.

We help you tell your story with comprehensive marketing content highlighting your organization's positive culture and values. Instituting effective recruitment processes to assure compatibility with new hires is critical. We help teach your team how to manage the process and improve results.

Creating a comprehensive onboarding strategy with materials to integrate that speak to your company's human-centered culture. Set up assessments to monitor the success and effectiveness of the hiring and onboarding process, pivoting as necessary for continual improvement and long-term success.

Inspiring Spaces

A healthy culture and clean, inspiring environments are key ingredients to motivating employee performance.

We evaluate and make recommendations to improve the team experience.

We can develop a plan that can be executed.

Leadership Coaching

Change your vibration, change your life.

Are you looking to align your personal business goals and actions with a deeper purpose and values?

Leadership coaching with a twist!

Guiding people to reach their highest vibration, overcome adversity, and achieve personal growth.

Inspirational Talks

With a unique approach to people and industry, Modular Maven delivers an inspiring and uplifting experience to all ages and demographics.

It’s my mission to spread light and love across the working world. Modular Maven seeks to inspire by sharing life stories of adversity and relentless grit that led to a successful career in the construction industry.

Contact us to schedule a talk at your location.

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