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Inspired To Build

Modular Maven has helped reimagine a culture where construction and manufacturing meet. This powerful experience has inspired MM to build people, careers, companies, and even whole industries. We’re ready to share proven success strategies and ignite the spark of inspiration you need to bring positive change at work, at home, and in your community.

Finding Your Happy Place—
at Work and Beyond

We’re here to help you build your destination workplace. We’ll guide you through proven steps to forge a purpose-driven mission and cultivate the well-being of your people. In our experience, it doesn’t stop at work. The clear mission, shared values, and a genuine sense of purpose you foster day after day will ripple out and into society during off hours, making the World a little better for all!

The Maven who made
Happy Mondays
her Mission

Tired of dreading Monday mornings on Sunday nights, Merrick Macomber went all in on learning to build a better kind of workplace. With over a decade of experience building people and companies, taking inspiration from her time at leading tech startups and modular trendsetters, she put best practices to the test at Prefab Logic, Waypaver International, PFL MEP, and Autovol. Merrick drove mission, values, facility design, brand development, hiring practices, and ongoing company events—winning top kudos and honors in the process.

Realizing her success secrets were a repeatable recipe, Merrick was inspired to share them. Her outside-the-lines approach draws as much from her spiritual side as her business experience—she’s a certified Reiki practitioner and open-minded student of many dimensions of experience.

How It’s Working

• Idaho's Top Workplace 2021, 2022, 2023 (1st place in Idaho 2023)

• USA Today’s Top Workplace 2024 GOLD

• APR Global Future Design Award GOLD in Office Design 2022

• Creating Meaningfulness in the Workplace 2022 & 2023

• 2019 Community Pioneer Award for her work with Dragonflybrary,
a non-profit that raises awareness on mental health issues.

Companies We Serve

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Start-up an intentional culture that establishes you as a destination employer. With a fresh approach to people and culture, we consult with off-site manufacturing in setting the practices right from the start with proven methods and sound guidance. We’ll work with you to create a customized culture blueprint for your organization. Let us show you how to build a team with a culture that will last the test of time. Get in touch to learn more about how our vision and consulting approach can help you! Please answer the following questions and we’ll follow up with you.
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